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Looks like we’ll be living through a global pandemic for the foreseeable future until local, federal, and foreign governments collaboratively work towards prioritizing our collective health and well being.


While COVID has impacted your wedding plans, love is not cancelled

Relationships are built on a foundation of trust. In booking with us, we’re building a relationship too. We’re trusting that you’re prioritizing our health and safety just as you’re trusting that we’re prioritizing your health and safety.


To us, that means:

  1. Diligently following CDC guidelines

  2. Being fully vaccinated and boosted

  3. Being symptom-free and/or testing negative for COVID

  4. Disclosing if you have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID and/or if you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms


Our shared responsibility is a form of love, amores!


Here’s what you need to know when booking with us.


  1. We will most likely wear a mask, especially during increased COVID cases and during indoor weddings

  2. You and your guests must wear masks if not fully vaccinated

  3. We will wear a mask every time we break a social distance, like when we sign the marriage license. The only exception is during the ceremony as we'll be a distance away from you and your guests. 

  4. We will maintain a social distance of 6 to 10 feet. If you see us backing away from you, that’s us keeping a responsible distance.


Thank you for abiding by our guidelines! We love what we do and, as small business owners, we are grateful to you for trusting us to guide and celebrate you during these precarious times.

We’ll get through this together, amores!

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