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Podcast Interview with Hard Cider in hand

Every year, like most people, I'd write down a few goals to accomplish in the next 365 days. Then I'd cross my fingers that I'll actually make it happen.

One of those goals was to be on a podcast. As an avid podcast listener, I so badly wanted to be that guest who came on to casually chat about something or other. To me, podcasts are the epitome of cool so even though I thought it was a total long shot, I wrote it down and GUESS WHAT?!

I was asked to be on Drinks with a Minister, a new podcast that I've been fawning over and that is hosted by Minister Marie, a Southern Californian wedding officiant from Let's Get Married SoCal who has inspired my officiant journey since the very beginning.

Emotional elopement ceremony between two beautiful women who love each other like crazy. Photo by Cortney Armitage taken at The Highline in NYC.

I didn't exactly think through what I would say or what it would be like - just that I really, really, REALLY wanted to speak to the incredible human being who was thousands of miles away and share that conversation with my hubs and closest peeps. But now I'm also sharing it with you! We did talk about ceremonies, beliefs, and our officiant journey after all.

It's completely jarring to hear your own voice for an hour! But what I didn't realize is that it would also be an incredibly vulnerable experience to be completely unfiltered hearing yourself say all the 'ums', and 'uhs' plus butchering normal, everyday idioms and veering off into a different direction mid-sentence. HA!

Speaking to Minister Marie from the opposite coast gave me the ultimate opportunity to be a fan girl before we started recording! I have no shame. Plus, I got to learn how the #ministerofawesome worked her magic. She's conducted 600-plus weddings and is such an inspiration for a newbie wedding officiant, like me.

I can't wait to one day meet her in person and really get our Hard Cider on. You can hear the episode RIGHT HERE and follow Minister Marie on Facebook and Instagram.

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