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Alison and Jason's Brooklyn Winery Wedding

Let's give it up for mutual friends who become unexpected matchmakers!!! In Jason and Alison's case, that friend was Wayne. One evening, Wayne's long-time friend Jason hit it off with his cool roommate, Alison, and they all headed to an off-the-wall Bob Zmuda concert complete with awesome conversations, lots of laughs, and dancing!


A few days later they went on their first date, where they continued the laughs and good times at a tasty C-rated dumpling restaurant in Chinatown, headed to a 1970’s tiki dive bar karaoke spot that is now a fancy Mexican restaurant, and avoided large packs of NYC ROUSs aka Rodents Of Unusual Size.

They quickly realized that hanging out together was natural. It was simple - they connected; it was fun, easy, and felt right. Within each other, they found their favorite person to do nothing and everything with - whether that's visiting art shows, cooking their own culinary specialities, or sinking into their couch to bingewatch Anthony Bourdain. Life is great by each other's side!

Alison: "I remember smiling the whole night! Like my face hurt from laughing. I want to have that every night."

Jason: "She's the woman I want to hang out with for the rest of my life"

They knew they found their ultimate teammate and chose to tie the knot, but while they were planning their wedding in 2015, Alison was diagnosed with cancer. Life's crazy plot twists, right? They postponed their wedding date and instead got married at City Hall before she started treatment.

A year later, they TOGETHER crushed cancer and got married again. This time among their closest friends and family on an unseasonably warm February day at The Brooklyn Winery!

In true Jason and Alison fashion, they were all laughs and smiles on their wedding day excited to celebrate their love and journey together with the people who love them to pieces.

Happy Anniversary, Alison and Jason! Wishing you a lifetime of happy feet dancing, laughter that make your cheeks hurt, and adventures galore!




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