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  • Karla Villar

Countering the Coronavirus by Spreading TRUTH and LOVE

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

The administration has declared that we are in a national state of emergency to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

If you’re like me, you don’t feel confident about anything that comes from 45 and are grateful to have professionals - scientists and doctors - providing guidance we can understand. At the very least, it counters some of the confusing, conflicting, self-congratulatory, and dismissive comments that come from a leader whose credibility is always in question.

No, we don’t have wide-spread testing available yet or any answers regarding the various issues related to testing. We don’t even know what the actual numbers are when it comes to those infected.

But according to Friday’s message, in the coming weeks, we’re looking at having more broad access to testing through a coordinated effort between government authorities and the private sector. Check out the NPR coverage of his address or the Global News airing to hear him speak. [FF to 54:35 & listen to his response to an important question].

Until we see the promises materialize into actual support IN and FOR our immediate communities, many of us feel insecure about how to proceed with our daily lives. And yet, WE MUST!

Just as we have to be extra mindful of our hygiene and adjust our daily habits as we move around the world right now, we also have to take care of our minds and hearts!

We are experiencing something new as a collective and we have to watch out that we are not swept up by the hysteria and unintentionally perpetuate stigma and othering. More than ever, we have to guard against fear and hate that can take over in times like these.

A close-up shot of a couple in a butch-femme relationship; one is wearing a pink velvet dress and being held by their partner who is wearing black pants and a grey blazer, the queer officiant from Once Upon A Vow

Photo by Kelcey Olson Photography

Yes social distancing and quarantine may be necessary, but so is practicing empathy and taking feasible practical action steps that help us feel empowered & stay connected.

We must stay mindful of the racist and xenophobic rhetoric that we’re hearing and not only NOT spread it, but also call it out to help those disproportionately impacted by this. Check out the CDC’s message about Reducing Stigma.

While I WILL ALWAYS advocate for everyone to stay informed, I think it's important to limit the news when possible and seek out direct sources to support what you’re hearing/reading rather than just accepting it as a complete picture. I urge us all to apply our critical thinking skills and a deciphering/practical lens when consuming information.

If you have questions, seek out answers from the professional experts [CDC FAQ page]. Follow precautions, for sure, but assess how you're responding at any given moment. Are you filled with panic and reacting from a place of fear or have you taken a breath, subdued your natural anxiety, and thoughtfully weighed out your options? I recommend the latter every time.

These are trying times but even in the worst of times there is beauty and good and love in the world and we CANNOT forget that.

Photo by Kelcey Olson Photography

Yes, our way of life is changing in dramatic ways. The outcomes are bound to devastate many of our communities globally, but we must use our common sense, prepare as best as we can, and make choices based on considerations not only for our own health and safety, but for the sake of our fellow human beings, especially the most vulnerable among us.

Remember that LOVE is the energy that binds us all; it is EVERYTHING! Fear and hate are what we express when we feel disconnected from LOVE. That doesn’t mean it’s absent entirely; it’s never gone, but when we’re bombarded by news of challenge, illness, and death we stop paying attention to the LOVE that’s inside us and all around us.

And LOVE along with facts - more TRUTH - is what we need right now! We may not be able to stop the spread of COVID-19 tomorrow, but we can all wake up tomorrow and choose to spread a little love and speak some truth.

Information & Resources:

CDC - COVID-19 Information

New York: Coronavirus Info

NY State: Dept. of Health

Massachusetts: Coronavirus Info

City of Boston: Public Health Department


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