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Dorian and Maribel's Grand Central Elopement

What happens when two native New Yorkers find each other on their quest to become U.S. diplomats? Friendship, love, and marriage - o'course!

Here's a look back on a magical day at Grand Central Station with Maribel and Dorian.

Maribel and Dorian chose to have a small elopement ceremony with a few family members in Grand Central Station and it was one of the highlights of 2017!

They are THE REASON I now believe in long-distance relationships. Before them, I REALLY couldn't understand the logistics of it all. Or the patience, determination, resourcefulness, and profound love that two people could share. You see, in my head, relationships already take some serious effort so adding the whole distance and time-difference thing seemed, to me, like A LOT to handle.

But, listening to their story helped me understand that time and distance, miles and oceans, conflicting schedules and gaping time zones have got nothin' on LOVE and COMMITMENT!

These two U.S. diplomats who first connected over their New York Dominican backgrounds became fast friends, quickly falling for each other in DC, and soon after assigned to different corners of the world. They knew it'd be challenging, to say the least, and figured that if it didn't work out, it would be because the distance was too hard to overcome. But in their words: "What a great story it would be if it does work out!"

They were right! It's a great one!!!

Over the years, Maribel and Dorian made time to meet up every chance they could - in Hong Kong, Paris, Puerto Rico, Canada, ANYWHERE - eating their way through country after country, finding treasures through Yelp, learning new languages, and growing together! Their passion for each other and clear vision of their lives together got them through the hurdles, AND NOW they're celebrating one year as husband and wife, about to live in India on their next assignment.

Now, when I meet couples who are or have been in long-distance relationships, I'm reminded of these two - Doribel - and how THIS road to getting married for the long-distance duos is incredibly meaningful!

Happy Anniversary, Maribel and Dorian! Your love for each other opened my eyes more than you'll ever know. Thank you!


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