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Francis & Jacob's Cop Cot Elopement

Photography by Wandermore Photography | Officiant: Once Upon A Vow |

Location: Cop Cot in Central Park

Happy just-married Latinx couple sitting on a wooden bench in Central Park post-ceremony officiated by Spanish speaking officiant from Once Upon A Vow, the groom is wearing a light blue suit with a pink tie and the bride wearing an olive green sequined dress is holding a bouquet, her left hand playing with her hair, while facing skyward with laughter

Francis and Jacob chose to elope in Central Park before having a more traditional church wedding the following year. Ya see, you can have your cake and eat it too! They wanted to make it official but the City Hall vibe wasn't for them so they picked our Candid Elopement Package and chose to elope in Central Park's Cop Cot with a full-Spanish ceremony that their families could be a part of.

It was a gorgeous spring day!! NYC's May weather did NOT disappoint and the natural beauty of this particular location was blooming, for sure. Family flew in from Venezuela and drove in from neighboring Brooklyn. Although they were eloping, they wanted some semblance of tradition and opted to have their siblings and close friends as part of their wedding party.

They knew their ceremony had to include their parents and siblings in a meaningful way so they took part in reading one poem called "Te busqué" ('I searched for you'); each reading a stanza. TIP: Multiple people sharing a reading is a simple and intimate way of bringing two families together, symbolically and emotionally, without adding to the overall length of your personalized ceremony.

Excerpt from poem, author anonymous:

"Te busqué sin buscarte,

Sin querer equivocarme;

Te busqué sin pecar en otras bocas,

Sin pecar en otros cuerpos

Te busqué con el alma,

Sin dejarme engañar por mis ojos;

Te busqué esperandote

Porque sabía que un día llegarías

Te busqué con paciencia,

Ante esa larga espera de no encontrarte,

Ante esa criminal desesperación

De no poder abrazarte

Te busqué desde siempre,

Desde antes de esta vida,

Y durante muchas anteriores,

Te busqué en mis sueños,

En mis fantasias y también en mis realidades

Te busqué entre cielos despejados

Y entre feroces tormentas;

Te busqué con amor,

Te busqué con pasión

Y te busqué con locura

Te busqué entre llantos y alegrías,

y al final fuiste tú quien me enseñó que

quien estaba perdido era yo

Y me encontraste, y me guiaste y te ame,

me amaste y nos amaremos como ayer,

como hoy y como siempre."

Francis and Jacob met at their jobs but neither were the type to take the first step. So with a bit of courage, Jacob asked her out on a coffee date a few times, as friends. It was totally platonic but she's gorgeous and kind so he had to get to know her. She accepted his offer a couple of months later and they went on their first non-date DATE, which unexpectedly became the longest and most fun nights of their lives. Somehow they even found themselves dancing at a stranger's wedding and realizing that this connection was definitely NOT platonic. So it felt fitting that they came full circle dancing at their own.

The AWW factor was overwhelming and proves to me again and again that elopements can be just as magical (maybe even more so) as larger-scale, more traditional weddings. We're so lucky to have been a part of Francis and Jacob's elopement ceremony! We live for these moments.

Kind Words from Francis & Jacob

"Totalmente gratificante y mágico, No hay palabras para identificar la experiencia tan maravillosa que tuvimos al escoger a Daniela como nuestra oficiante, sus servicios son increíbles y maravilloso, cuida cada detalle y a pesar de que realizamos todo en un tiempo muy corto exactamente (2 semanas) ella nos hizo sentir muy tranquilos en cada paso, realmente fue más que nuestro oficiante, cumplió y superó cada detalle!! Sin duda estamos tan felices y agradecidos 😍😍🙏🏻 Fue muy genuino y especial realizar nuestra boda en español en central park con su ayuda no hubo limitantes que no pudiéramos superar, Gracias Daniela, jamás olvidaremos ese dia!"

"Totally rewarding and magical, There are no words to identify the wonderful experience we had in choosing Daniela as our officiant, her services are incredible and wonderful, she takes care of every detail and even though we did everything in a very short time exactly (2 weeks) she made us feel very calm through each step, she really was more than our officiant, she met and exceeded every detail!! No doubt we are so happy and grateful 😍😍🙏🏻 It was very genuine and special to make our wedding in Spanish in central park with your help there were no limitations that we could not overcome, Thanks Daniela, we will never forget that day!"


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