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5 Questions To Get Your Vow Writing Juices Flowin'

Updated: May 4, 2020

Valentine’s Day is long gone, but you’re still thinking about your sweetheart. When you’re in love that’s just part of life, right?! Plus your wedding is right around the corner and that means you need to write your vows ASAP. Rolling off of last week’s blog post, What’s in a Wedding Vow?, I thought I’d share five fun and sweet questions to ask yourself in order to get the vow writing juices flowin’.

Here goes. . .

1. What do you love most about being with your other half?

Is it that you can unravel and fall apart, yet feel safe that they will always stand by you? Or that you can be your crazy, weirdo self and know that they love every bit of you, including your nutter butter ways. Maybe it’s that you can talk to them about anything and everything, or that they know how to make your coffee just right, or that you feel beautiful in their eyes, even when you wake up with dried up drool on the side of your face.

Photo of spanish-speaking ceremony officiated by Once Upon A Vow at Central Park's Cop Cot with groom in light blue suit and bride in olive sequined dress

2. Looking back, how have you grown as individuals and as a couple? Or how do you wish to grow?

Maybe you learned to communicate better or figured out when to give each other space. Or maybe you worked your asses off in your careers and/or as parents and have come a long way. Or maybe you’re karaoke royalty at your local bar and plan on singing into that golden mic for years to come.

3. What are your favorite things to do together?

Do you love cooking up a storm together or discovering hidden foodie gems? Maybe you love taking road trips together or going on international adventures side by side. Or are you the Netflix binging couple who loves those dinner and a movie moments?

4. How do you picture yourselves together in your golden years - all wrinkly and silver?

Do you see yourselves taking care of your grandkids - Parenthood style? Taking it easy and enjoying the fruits of your labor or traveling the world and soaking in new adventures? Sitting at a park bench people-watching? Or maybe you’ll be reminiscing about the good ol’ days when your bones weren’t so brittle.

5. What does ‘All In’ and ‘No Matter What’ mean to you and your relationship?

Does it mean that you’ll hold each other’s hair back when you’re sick to your stomach? Or that you’ll still be there for each other even when you’re in the middle of a fight? Maybe it’s simply that no matter what crap hits the fan, you’ll stand united.

Hopefully these five questions will spark some magic and help you write your thoughts down. Use this as a starting point to write your vows and you’ll find that you have a ton to say. WOOT!

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