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Getting Married with NYC's Project Cupid

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Now that NYC's Project Cupid is officially live, we're here to guide you on how to obtain your NYC marriage license and when the best times are to book an appointment.

Landscape image of the New York City skyline right before sunset in reference to NYC's Project Cupid and virtual weddings

How to apply for a virtual marriage license in NYC?

1) Complete the online marriage license application process. This part of the application process hasn't changed so if your marriage license has expired then this will feel very familiar. If you haven't completed this application process before, this is where you fill in all of your identifying information along with your parents'.

2) Once you submit your application process, you'll receive a confirmation number that you need to hold onto in order to submit your Project Cupid application.

3) Create an NYC.ID account if you don't already have one in order to log into Project Cupid.

4) Log into NYC's Project Cupid and enter the Confirmation number you received in step one of this whole process.

5) From there, you'll need to upload photo identification like a driver's license or passport. CLICK HERE to review all the acceptable forms of ID.

6) You'll pay the $35 fee online and schedule a date/time to meet with the City Clerk virtually to review the accuracy of the information you input during step one, to verify that you really do match your photo IDs, and that you're both currently in New York State.

7) The City Clerk will send your marriage license online and that's when we get to work.

But I can't make an appointment on Project Cupid. When do they release new dates?

This has been the struggle for many couples. We recommend frequently checking the NYC City Clerk's Twitter page to stay on top of newly released dates. They typically release new appointments every Monday morning at 9AM EST for in-person appointments and Thursday mornings at 9AM EST for virtual appointments.

Treat the appointment scheduling platform like tickets to a sold out concert so make sure to set your calendars to check availability on your Project Cupid portal before 9AM EST and refresh your webpage until new availability pops up.


What does a Virtual Ceremony with Once Upon A Vow look like?

This will likely evolve over time as we gain a more well-rounded idea of the virtual wedding world and what our couples are craving, but through it all we must follow the NYC Guidelines and Procedures for NYC Officiants.

What video-audio conferencing platform are we using?

We are using Zoom over Google Meet in order to record and share your virtual ceremony with you and your loved ones. These are historic times so you'll definitely want memories of this to look back on. Plus, we want to make sure we have recording on file that we followed the guidelines set upon us.

This is what for better or worse, in sickness and in health, through quarantines and global pandemics are all about, ya know!

What is a "City Hall" mini-ceremony and will the ceremony be boring?

We don't do boring, okkrrr! Because we're all about adding personality into your ceremony, we want to get a better idea of who you are and your reasons behind virtually tying the knot in order to add a personal touch to this special day and excitedly welcome your virtual wedding guests. So we'll ask a few questions!

We'll guide you and everyone on this new platform through a fun, heartfelt, virtual ceremony! That means legally saying "I DO" to a committed partnership in marriage as is required by law and exchange rings and vows (optional).

What about the legal stuff?

We'll guide you and your witness(es) through it all. For instance, we have to check your photo IDs and solemnly swear that we're all in the State of New York. Then we'll e-sign the appropriate fields through a secure platform we like to use, Sign Easy, 'cause it's easy and that's who we like things.

From there, you are responsible for submitting your virtual marriage license on the Project Cupid platform by signing into your account with your NYC ID account. Or you can opt to have us email to them. From there, the City Clerk will mail the marriage certificate your way. While it usually takes 30-60 days to receive your marriage license, it may take longer. We don't know yet; this is a new normal for us all.

But now you can unwind and enjoy your newly married status! WOOT WOOT!

How can we make our Virtual Wedding extra special?

Hire a photographer or if you already hired a photographer for your in-person wedding, ask them if they offer virtual photography. Seriously. Virtual photography has become a creative new way of documenting your virtual wedding day and it's pretty damn cool.

There are varying approaches to shooting virtual weddings; some use Facetime while others use Zoom so you have options to choose from and have fun with.

Check out these talented photographers who are paving the way:

Carole Cohen Photography

Eli, Seas Mtns Co.

Hire a DJ! Yes, I said it. A DJ and our favorite of all time DJ Empanadamn

We'll keep adding to our list of fun, innovative vendors who are making waves during this time and have adapted to celebrate this new wave of virtual love.


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