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How to Have a Fun and Awesome Virtual Wedding

Updated: May 29, 2020

2020: the year of adapting to the times and rolling with the punches! While Zoom weddings and virtual ceremonies have recently become a new norm, in New York anyway, we're still collectively figuring out how to make these virtual gatherings extra special and pretty damn awesome!

In this world, you soon-to-be virtually wedded couples are the radical pioneers. You're the ones bringing everyone together from a safe distance to revel in your love and celebrate it wholeheartedly!

Below are a list of NYC wedding vendors who have shifted their in-person talents to this virtual plane and their creativity is inspiring, to say the least. If you've postponed your wedding day, we strongly recommend reaching out to your original group of wedding vendors to see what new services they're offering. But in case they're not offering virtual services yet, check out all the ways you can make your virtual wedding fun and awesome AF!

Facetime virtual photo of an anglo-american couple kissing. Woman is holding man's face while legs are intertwined with his as they are sitting on an L-shaped gray sofa in their home with light pouring in on their right through a large window and a wall full of framed photos as their background, a round desk with pink florals in the foreground and a bookcase on their left, taken by Carole Cohen Photography

Photo by Carole Cohen Photography


If you haven't heard this term yet, maybe you heard of Facetime photography! At the start of this pandemic, many photographers and small business artists have adapted to the times by capturing intimate connections in the coziness of couples' homes.

Given the need to keep our social distance and flatten the curve, especially in New York City, photographers are using natural lighting and the insane camera technology on our smart phones to take photos. Wild, right?! So if you're having a virtual ceremony, think about hiring a virtual photographer like Carole (she/her) from Carole Cohen Photography and Eli (they/them) from Seas Mtns Co. They will gently guide you through this new normal and capture lovingly tender moments between you.

Factime virtual photo of African-American couple sitting cozily together on an orange leather couch with two rectangular geometric art pieces as their backdrop taken by Eli from Seas Mtns Co

Photo by Eli, Seas Mtns Co


Photo booths always add an extra layer of fun to every party. You can add a similar collective experience virtually with all your guests, even though you'll be celebrating from all parts of the country and around the world. No need to download a new app either. With Third Rail Photo Booths you and your guests can create photos and GIFs with a customized overlay designed for you and all with one simple link.

Enjoy the virtual photo booth for one day or an entire weekend. Either way, have fun with your loved ones and enjoy the silliness that ensues.

Third Rail Photo Booths GIF of casual NYC officiant from Once Upon A Vow making four varied and silly faces with a teal background and a wooden sign that says: "To infinity and beyond"


We highly recommend Brent (he/him) from empanadamn to bring the dance party to the comfort of your home. He's working directly with couples and planners on sharing the celebration with guests across online platforms such as Zoom and Twitch for a fun, high-energy interactive experience.

With three plus hours of live DJ'ing, light MC'ing, musical vibe consultation, quality tech control, highlight video of the virtual party, and more ($500), couples are throwing an epic collective virtual dance party for the new ages. It's an experience you'll never forget!

He's also offering an audio package add-on ($100) for delivery across NYC that includes wireless, bluetooth enabled devices such as microphones for clearer vocal delivery during their ceremony and high-end speakers for some added bump to the virtual dance party!

Black and white photo of a cool DJ from Empanadamn holding up the peace sign on both hands and his music set-up complete with a laptop at a New York City wedding

Photo by Kim Trang Photography


Colorful floral arrangements brighten up any space and adds an extra something special to your home and virtual wedding day. We love partnering with vibrant floral designers who support local farms, work with seasonal florals, and collaborate with couples to make their vision better than imagined.

Deep toned bride's bouquet and crimson red ribbon designed by Flying Little Birds being held by a bride dressed in white with sheer sleeves, floral arrangements to be delivered for zoom weddings in New York City

Flying Little Birds bouquet | Photo by 98 Wedding Co

Reach out to these floral goddesses: Carol (she/her) from Flying Little Birds is offering beautiful bouquets, boutonnieres, and custom arrangements to Brooklyn couples only. While Natalie (she/her) and Meaghan (she/her) from Ember Floral Co are offering two floral packages for contactless pick-up or delivery across New York City.

Vibrant, colorful, mostly pink bouquet designed by Ember Floral Co. being held by bride dressed in white with a v-neck and spaghetti straps with a golden necklace, now offering contactless wedding bouquet delivery across New York City

Ember Floral Bouquet | photo by Sandra Chile


Treat yo'self to an entire wedding cake! Seriously, why not?! The deliciousness never ends at Brooklyn's own Buttermilk Bakeshop. Enjoy a 6" elopement cake (8-10 servings starting at $60) or an 8" cake (12-15 servings starting at $70). You can pick it up yourselves from their Park Slope shop or opt for contactless delivery. Rates vary depending on the delivery location from $15-$55 in Brooklyn to $45-$75 in Manhattan. Review their Manhattan rates from the below PDF.

Delivery Map
Download PDF • 379KB
Photo of a naked cake with vanilla icing and floral top with white and orange florals from Park Slope's Buttermilk Bakeshop


Sometimes it's best to hand over the reigns to the magical virtual planners so that all you have to worry about is being your cute lovey dovey selves. If you're looking to take your virtual ceremony to the next level, think about hiring Carol from Flying Little Birds (yes, she's also an event planner) for virtual coordination and tech support. Or Modern Rebel & Co. for a seamless and stress-free Zoom wedding.

Regardless, you're bound to have an unforgettable time focusing on the stuff that really matters - love and connection!

We hope this list of down-to-earth and talented wedding vendors is super duper helpful. Thank you for supporting small businesses! We appreciate you and can't wait to celebrate you with confetti and champagne!


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