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What are Virtual Wedding Ceremonies with Once Upon A Vow like?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Now that virtual ceremonies are in full swing in the state of New York, we are excited AF to say that we're adapting to the times and making the best of this strangely historic global situation!

The Legal Bits:

We are following the New York City Clerk's guidelines so when you book with us, these are our next steps: 1) We'll send a password-protected Zoom link along with a calendar invite to send to your guests.

2) Once you receive your virtual marriage license from the City Clerk through Project Cupid, send it our way to prepare.

3) While on Zoom, you and your witness(es) will show your valid photo IDs in order to verify that you are who you say you are. Strange but true!

4) You and your witness(es) have to affirm that you are in the state of New York so when I ask, we'll all confirm that this is true. You'll repeat after me: "I solemnly swear that I am in the state of New York". Again, strange but we are working on good faith and shared trust here.

5) Once you are officially pronounced MARRIED, I will "witness" the license signing. Since your marriage license needs to be signed via a touchscreen, you'll need to use your phone or tablet and show us that you signed it before clicking 'done'.

6) Once we've all e-signed and completed the license, you two can upload the license onto the Project Cupid website. 7) Last but not least, your entire ceremony will be recorded so that we have video proof that we followed the guidelines, in case we need that in the future, and as a fun keepsake for the day. Because let's be real, THIS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING!

Screenshot photo of a virtual zoom wedding ceremony officiated by bilingual officiant from Once Upon A Vow with guests joining nationally and internationally

The Virtual Love Ceremony Experience:

Our "City Hall" inspired mini-ceremony includes the legally required "I Do's" where you are agreeing to be ALL IN for better and for worse, through adventures and misadventures. Especially through quarantines and global pandemics, right?! Your virtual ceremony will include a ring exchange and repeat-after-me vows, which we can send your way beforehand if you'd like to make any edits or additions. You're also welcome to share your own vows or opt out of the ring exchange and/or vows portions altogether.

To us, this pandemic has put everything in perspective as we're sure it has for you. It's a reminder that life must be cherished, that the little things we've taken for granted are the ones that matter greatly, and that these milestone moments deserve to be celebrated. Especially now. Even virtually!

Knowing that a virtual wedding is likely not what you or your loved ones imagined, it's important for us to recognize that truth while celebrating this moment of love, light, and levity!

Screen shot photo of a zoom wedding virtual ceremony officiated by new york officiant from Once Upon A Vow applauding on the right side of the screen as the couple on the left side of the screen is applauding

Tips To Make Your Zoom Wedding Seamless:

Or as seamless as possible. We've all experienced techie issues so we can't promise eliminating that completely, but we can make the best of every situation.

1) Strong wifi is key! CLICK HERE for 11 ways to upgrade your wifi, but the simplest one we recommend is for you and your guests to reduce the number of devices on your wifi network. That way the wifi connection for your Zoom Wedding will be its strongest!

2) Join your Zoom Wedding through a device, whether that's your laptop or tablet, that supports a horizontal view. Everyone wants to see your beautiful faces up close and personal!

3) Ensure that your guests arrive on time, whether that's emailing an e-vite, sending a group text message, or sending your guests calendar reminders

4) Help your fellow Luddites or technologically challenged guests by running through a practice Zoom meeting of your own or assigning a techie friend/family member to run it for them.

Reach out to us if you have any questions whatsoever. These are strange times all around, but we're finding out way through TOGETHER.