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What's In A Wedding Vow?

If you're one of the few couples who decided to write your own wedding vows and you've found your way here, you're probably struggling with where to start and what to say.

So, let's start from the very beginning. What's in a wedding vow anyway?

Calligraphy and Photo Credit: Eliza Gwendalyn Ink

Vows, at their very core, are simply promises. They’re the ultimate pinky swear, the sweetest pact you’ll ever make, and essentially, they are your word to love and grow old with your other half even when they piss you off. Especially when they piss you off!

As long as you promise something, you’ve got yourself a vow. Your promises can be anything from: “I will appreciate all the things you do for us and our family” to “I promise to be your pillow when we watch movies and let my arm get tingly and lose sensation”.

Your vows don’t have to be flowery or incredibly romantic if that’s not who you are or how you speak. They can funny, adorkable, or full of cheesy goodness just as long as they’re genuine and true to your relationship together.

But how do you even begin to put together the inner writings of your heart? That just seems so overwhelming, right? Well, that’s a whole other blog post, but I recommend starting with a notebook, a pen, and deliriously good Spotify tunes. Or just your memo app, if that works best for you.

Don’t try to write your vows in full sentences all at once just yet. Unless they’re pouring out of you, then go for it. Otherwise, keep it simple and write the first things that come to mind when you think of your soon-to-be other half. What do you appreciate about them? What annoys you about them? What do you love doing together? Keep that notebook around everywhere you go in case you’re struck with inspiration or save that memo over and over again so it doesn’t get accidentally deleted.

Stay tuned for more wedding vow posts so you can write your own heartfelt vows and make your other half cry their eyes out! That’s always the goal, right? HA!

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