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WTH is a Ring Warming?

Updated: May 4, 2020

We know you want your wedding ceremony to be a fun and moving celebration of your love for each other. Who doesn’t want that, right? But if you also want your guests to feel profoundly connected to you both in this moment, why not invite them to be a part of your ceremony?

There are lots of ways to include your guests in a cool, stress-free sorta way, and the ring warming (some call it a ring blessing) is definitely one of our faves! So, what’s a ring warming anyway?

Marine putting a wedding ring on his beautiful bride during the wedding ceremony as she holds a bejeweled bouquet and wedding officiant of Once Upon A Vow dressed in purple conducts modern ceremony


A ring warming sounds a bit woo-woo for some, but in our world the ring warming is really more of an opportunity for your loved ones to silently (and telepathically) send their warmest wishes, prayers, and heartfelt sentiments for your married future together. AWWWW, right?!

Okay, so how does that work?

There's lots of ways celebrants perform ring warmings. The most common way we've seen it done is by passing the rings to each guest. But our fave way to do it is by including a few of your closest loved ones.

Right before your ring exchange, your officiant will welcome two to four of your peeps to stand with you and your other half. They’ll put their hands on top of yours as you together hold the rings in your palms. Most couples like to include their parents for the ring warming or their kids, or their people of honor. This moment most closely resembles that whole team sport hands-in huddle where they say: “Go Team!” or “Quack, Quack, Quack”.¹ That sorta thing but less sporty and lots sweeter, obvs!

¹ Mighty Ducks, anyone?

When all your hands are joined together, your officiant will guide you and your guests in focusing all their positive energy and sending you their most tender wishes for your marriage. Sentiments like a lifetime of enjoying the little things or watching bad reality TV among great company is fun to include. Ya know, whatever speaks to you. If you want to do a ring warming but don’t want to pick your fave people to stand beside you (politics and all!), your wedding officiant could ask your guests to hold hands with the person sitting next to them during the ring blessing as a way of feeling that interconnected energy. Or to simply just ask everyone to be intentional with their thoughts for your marriage together.

Besides the great pictures you’ll have from this moment, the ring warming can be quite powerful. After all, it gives your guests a real-time opportunity to telepathically send you all their loving vibes and positive energy, and you get to soak it all in. Who doesn’t want that, right?!

Now that you know what a ring blessing is - do you think you’ll include it in your wedding ceremony? Let us know in the comments below.


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