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How To Show Your Mom Some Love On Your Wedding Day

May 11, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas, mom-in-laws, moms-to-be, grandmothers, aunties, and every special woman who selflessly loves and cares for another. Mother’s day comes around only once a year, but these wonderful women deserve to be appreciated in special ways more often than that! And what better moment to express your gratitude than on your wedding day?




Here are a 10 ideas to show your mom some love and thank her for all she’s done.



Dedicate A Song To Her

Have a special song played for your mom as she makes her grand entrance at the reception with an equally touching introduction as the woman who’s been there for you through it all. Or sometime during the festivities, dedicate a favorite song you share together.


Dance With Your Mom

The mother-son dance is a meaningful tradition but brides can dance with their mamas too, damn it! Honor her with this special moment.



Capture A Picture Perfect Moment

Carve out a few minutes on the big day for your photographer to capture intimate moments between you and your mom. These precious minutes will be ones you both cherish for years to come.



Display Her Wedding Photos

Decorate a corner of your reception with photos from your family’s weddings with a special spot dedicated to your parent’s big day.



Save A Special Seat For Mom

Your mom will be front and center during your nuptials so why not place a sweet sign to display the important role she plays in your life.




Have Her Walk You Down The Aisle

We know the tradition is fathers walking brides down the aisle, but imagine the heartwarming image of your mom at your side before saying I Do. Better yet, picture both parents escorting you to the love of your life. Trust me, you'll want the support!


Share Your Favorite Moments

Frame your favorite mom-and-you photo or collage copies of all your memorable moments and place them in a special corner of your reception. Or make it a focal masterpiece like this  and let them beautifully hang!


Give Flowers

Flowers is a Mother’s Day staple but more importantly, it’s a sweet gesture of appreciation. Whether you hand her a single rose during your ceremony as a sign of gratitude for all she’s done or gift her a corsage, giving your mom flowers on your wedding day will make her stand out as the important woman in your life that she is.


Quote Her

Your mom has shared words of wisdom and funny quips along the years. So artfully quote her and showcase it on a DIY chalkboard or in your wedding program.


Toast Your Thanks

Publicly thank your mom for all she’s done. Express what she means to you in a sweet toast that reveals what you’ve learned from her and the incredible memories you share.


Regardless of how you show your mom some love, the goal is to make her feel like the incredible supermom she is. After all, your special day is one of the happiest moments in her life too!


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