From intimate elopements to elaborate interfaith weddings, your ceremony is personalized to highlight YOU, YOUR STORY, and YOUR LOVE.


As bi-lingual wedding officiants who believe LOVE IS LOVE, we are over-the-moon excited to make your ceremony an unforgettably meaningful moment in your lives.



smiling, bilingual spanish and english speaking wedding officiant in blue dress and blazer with colorful mural background in Brooklyn, NY


smiling, bilingual spanish and english speaking wedding officiant in blue suit and tie with colorful mural background in Brooklyn, NY

Love Storyteller + Wedding Officiant + 

Founder of Once Upon A Vow


Love Storyteller + Wedding Officiant

I'm all about living intentionally and loving radically, especially on your wedding day where you're bringing people together and centering what matters most to you. 

When my hubs and I got married over 10 years ago, the day before Obama was elected President, our ceremony didn't feel like us at all. Family obligation and tradition stalled our dreams of an intimate celebration that honored the history that was about to happen. So when I fell into the rabbit-hole world of officiating in 2015, my mission was simple:

Spread love, honor every journey, and

shake shit up! 

I count myself lucky to be the person to celebrate your love, share your story, and pronounce you married. Your ceremony should be a genuine representation of your story, your values, and what matters most to you.

In our book, your ceremony is THE moment where you look back on all the ups and downs of your journey together, feel present in your joy, and look forward to this married chapter of your lives ready to face the unknown, side by side. 

Let's breathe RADICAL LOVE into wedding ceremonies, amores!

I'm all about the power of connection and commitment, especially the kind that breaks the mold and boldly stands united in the face of challenges and adversity! 

While my first marriage didn’t last as long as I’d hoped, I'm coming into this wedding world with an open heart, solid relationship experience, and practical wisdom to share. Ask me anything! While my dreamer heart leads the way, I'm 100% grounded by a need for truth and justice. Simply put, I'm an idealist looking for meaning yet fully understanding the complexities of this crazy world of ours. In my book, words matter and stories must be told, especially yours and especially on your wedding day


Believing that “things happen for reason”, I know that joining my sister as a wedding officiant and love storyteller is where I'm meant to be. There's no greater honor than sharing your journey with your loved ones and joining you as you begin this next new chapter of your lives together - head-and-heart strong knowing that your marriage is more important than your wedding day.


But your wedding, especially your ceremony, is the epic celebration of love we all could use more of!